Trish Shandor - Lead Vocals/Keys

Trish Shandor

Trish Shandor is no stranger to the Detroit Music Scene. This 3 time Detroit Music Award Winner can be heard singing a variety of styles all over the World with a chameleon like approach. She’s a little bit Country and a little bit Rock-n-Roll mixed with just the right flavor of bubble gum pop that is never studio produced and never Autotuned! While most singers in the World are busy in the studio being digitally edited, Ms. Shandor is very “old skool”, out singing live, and proving to the World that people can sing “in tune” without fancy computers. Trish sings in 6 languages and is fluent in Sarcasm, Pig Latin and Italian Broken English. In her spare time she is a teacher of Interpretive Dance and feels that all people with no dance talent should be able to express themselves in a way that doesn’t require choreography but allows it to be called Art. With that said, Trish encourages her fans to enjoy music that rocks their souls and express themselves through movement.

Doug Hamborsky - Guitar/Keys/Vocals

Doug Hamborsky's musical career began at age 12 around a very musical family (his sister had a Masters degree from Juliard in NYC). Doug met Jef while they were in college, when they were both retained as studio musicians. They formed the group The Fantasy Band and recorded their first album together. Doug has performed with many local groups including Jocelyn B, Bill Meyer, Street Life, The Chatterbox Band, Family Portrait, Vintage and the incorrigible and loveable Space Cadets. Known for flaming guitar solos and engagement with the audience, he is always a crowd pleaser. He maintains a home studio, where he continues to enjoy recording with friends, family and some of the hottest musicians in Detroit including MCM.

Jef Reynolds - Bass/Vocals

Known for an eclectic production sense gleaned from working in many studios in the Motor City, multi-instrumental prowess, intuitive voice, and a dry martini sense of humor, Jef also enjoyed a role as an accompanist for various artists... Lesley Gore, Lou Christie, Archie Bell, The Tokens, Alex Chilton, Wolfman Jack and his Midnight Special Revival Road Show. He is also a part of the Neo-Depression Jazz and Soul music revival in Detroit. Mr. Reynolds has been mentored from a stable of the finest in Detroit jazz heritage including Joe Messina (The Funk Brothers), Ralph Armstrong (Jon Luc Ponty), Mike Karoub (DSO), Wendell Harrison (The Tribe), and RJ Spangler. He was a member of the national pop group Shivers (A&M Records 1980-5). An on-call session player at Cloudborne, Ron Rose and Producers Color Service Studios, his extensive recordings with production history is at: Artistdirect - Jef Reynolds

Richard (Ricky the T) Thompson - Drums/Vocals

Rick Thompson (Ricky T, Ricky the T) has a life long love of Detroit music playing and singing with countless bands throughout his career. Rick has also worked for all the major Talent agencies in the "D". Rick played music with Doug when they were back in high school together. Rick says, "It's really great to be back with Doug in a band where everyone can really play and also listen to others. One of us can take a musical left turn and be confident that the other members will pick up on it ... anywhere and any time our rhythm section is locked up tight and kickin' it!!." His forte is Soul, R&B, and Funk. Rick's influences include Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge), Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience), David Garibaldi (Tower of Power), legend Buddy Rich. When he's not busy with MCM he enjoys cruising in his 1960 Thunderbird ...